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    Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd was established in 2015 and is aiming to be a customer-focused company in the field of the environmental control system. Our company is a leading manufacturer of desiccant rotor dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier products and service in both industrial and commercial markets. Learn More
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  • Fresh Air Dehumidifier GMD-26A Fresh Air Dehumidifier GMD-26A

    ModelGMD-26ADehumidify Capacity26L/DVoltage220V/50HzMaximum Power Rating(W)600Maximum Current Rating(A)2.5Rated Power Rating(W)450Current Rating(A)2Circulating Air Flow(m³/h)/Fresh Air Flow(m³/h)270Static Pressure of Process Air(Pa)50Nois...

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  • Industrial Dehumidifier GMCF5.5 Industrial Dehumidifier GMCF5.5

    This series is our Industrial Refrigerate Dehumidifiers, which is widely adopted in many industries instead of extract ventilator, exhauster and...

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  • Ceiling Dehumidifier GMD-36A Ceiling Dehumidifier GMD-36A

    This series offer high dehumidification capability with a slim body that can save room space and not affect the indoor decoration. Suitable for applications like Villa, Meeting Room...

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  • Desiccant Dehumidifier GMR-200 Desiccant Dehumidifier GMR-200

    This series is our Rotary dehumidifiers, which is mainly applied in storage, cold storage, power station, library, electronic control room and any other...

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