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A Detailed Selection of Commercial Size Dehumidifiers

Following are the key points for the purchase of commercial dehumidifiers:

First, dehumidification capacity. The dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier is usually marked by L/D (liter/day) or sometimes L/H (liter/hour). For users, the most important thing is the rated dehumidification capacity. For example, the amount of dehumidification is 21L/D (30 degrees 80% RH), which means that the environmental premise is temperature 30 degrees, relative humidity 80%, and the amount of dehumidification is 21L/D. Users can choose the space and area of dehumidification according to their needs.

Second, dehumidification space and area. When choosing a dehumidifier, we must consider the dehumidification space. Otherwise, the dehumidification space is too large, and the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier is small, which will bring the dehumidification burden to the dehumidifier. Conversely, the dehumidification space is small, and the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier is too strong, which will consume extra power, or need to be calculated according to the dehumidification capacity. Generally speaking, 20 liters of dehumidification per day is suitable for 20-40 square meters; 40 liters of dehumidification per day is suitable for 30-70 square meters; 60 liters of dehumidification per day is suitable for about 150 square meters.

Third, noise and power consumption. The noise produced by dehumidifier mainly comes from the work of the fan inside the machine, which is inevitable. But professional dehumidifiers can do noise reduction technology. Noise reduction dehumidifier is also introduced on the market, with two noise reduction functions, and a top noise reduction box and a noise reduction duct are installed. As for the energy consumption of the dehumidifier, the more powerful the dehumidifier is, the more power it consumes. In terms of power consumption, compared with the "compressor" dehumidifier, the "desiccant" dehumidifier consumes more electricity.

Fourth, the capacity of water tank. The choice of water tank capacity should be decided by the user according to the actual place of use. Generally speaking, bedroom, living room and other places are not convenient for direct drainage, so you can choose a larger volume of water tank to avoid frequent back and forth pouring water. In the bathroom, where there is a floor leak, the volume of the water tank can not be taken into account too much, and the water pipe can be directly discharged along the sewer. For the basement and other places where there is no floor drain and large area of dehumidification is needed, commercial size dehumidifiers with built-in high-pressure pumps can be selected.

Fifth, additional functions. Some dehumidifiers also have the functions of increasing air purification, disinfection and sterilization, which is of great significance to the air purification, disinfection and sterilization of the workshop, and to ensure the safety of food production. For the condensing dehumidifier, it also has defrosting function. Especially when the temperature is relatively low, the inside of the condensing dehumidifier may frost, which further reduces the efficiency of dehumidification. The setting of defrosting function just solves the shortage of traditional dehumidifier and ensures the normal operation of commercial size dehumidifier.

Sixth, brand and price. As the saying goes, " You get what you pay for." Brand and price are also important reference factors for users to purchase dehumidifiers. Users are best to choose dehumidifiers manufactured by regular manufacturers. Their performance and quality are guaranteed, and after-sales service is also guaranteed. What's more, the purchase price of dehumidifier in the early stage is relatively expensive, but the service life is long, and the dehumidification effect is guaranteed, thus the user's later maintenance cost is reduced a lot. In the long run, it can save a certain cost for users.

Seventh, after-sales protection. After-sale is an important guarantee to solve the problems existing in the use of dehumidifier in time. Therefore, when purchasing the dehumidifier, users must take it into account. If the after-sales service of dehumidifier is not perfect, once the equipment breaks down, maintenance will be relatively troublesome. If the after-sales guarantee is relatively perfect, it can be effectively solved at the first time when the machine breaks down. It is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving, and it also serves as a "escort" for the safety of continuous food production.

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