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Agricultural Humidifiers Help You to Know More about Fresh-keeping in Vegetable Storage

The harvested fruits and vegetables are still a living organism, which still need to breathe continuously, inhale oxygen, emit carbon dioxide, and release heat at the same time to make the products resistant to adverse environment and pathogenic microorganisms. These factors are closely related to fruit freshness, and affect and restrict the storage life of fruits.

The factors affecting fruit metabolism and storage are mainly divided into external factors and fruit itself. The main external factors are temperature, gas composition and humidity. Low temperature can affect fruit respiration and other metabolic processes, thus delaying aging. Low temperature should be used to prolong the storage period without chilling injury. Gas components also have an important impact on fruit preservation. Changing the gas composition in the surrounding environment, such as reducing oxygen content and increasing carbon dioxide content, can slow down the metabolism rate and prolong the storage time of fruits. The termination of the process of absorbing water from plant roots after harvest can cause changes in structure, texture and surface. Therefore maintaining a certain humidity and reducing water loss play a key role in maintaining fruit freshness and quality.

The storage management of fruits and vegetables is the key to storage effect. Temperature, relative humidity, gas composition, ventilation and circulation system must be well regulated and controlled during storage, and all kinds of monitoring work should be done well. Temperature fluctuation in the reservoir should not exceed 0.5 ° C. The key point of relative humidity management is humidifier and monitoring system. The humidifier should be switched on at the right time. The management of gas composition should reduce oxygen rapidly after closing the reservoir, so that the ratio of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen can reach an appropriate balance. During the storage period, the sensory properties, hardness, total sugar content, water loss rate and rotten condition of raw materials should be observed and recorded, summarized and analyzed to guide storage management.

The effect of agricultural humidifier on fruits and vegetables:
The ordinary fruit and vegetable cold storage, because of the long storage period, has high evaporation of water in fruits and vegetables. In order to influence the evaporation of water in fruits and vegetables and reduce the partial pressure difference of water vapor between storage environment and storage fruits and vegetables, the relative humidity in the storage environment  is required, which is of great significance for reducing the consumption of fruits and vegetables and maintaining the freshness and crispness of fruits and vegetables. In general, the relative humidity in the reservoir can be maintained between 90% and 95%. Commonly used humidification methods are as follows:
(1) ground water filling and humidification;
(2)Cooling fan chassis spray water spray humidification;
(3)centrifugal atomizer humidifier;
(4)ultrasonic atomizing humidifier.

How to install agricultural humidifiers in existing supermarkets:
1.If your counter is single-storey, the machine is generally installed under the counter so as to save space, which requires the counter be of a certain height. So agricultural humidifier can be placed in it. Common water machine type humidifier need more than 40 centimeters of space.
2. If you can't put the machine under the counter, you can put it on one side of the counter, which is the case with the barreled water supply machine. Agricultural humidifiers also have many styles. You can choose performance levels or better appearance according to the budget. All are provided.
3. Some counters have multiple layers, which only need to install spray tubes on the upper layer, so that the humidity around the counter will be increased. There is no need to tangle whether the mist is sprayed onto each leaf.
4.When your counters have multiple layers and you want every layer of vegetables sprayed with mist, you need to increase the level of spray of agricultural humidifier machines or increase the number of agricultural humidifiers.

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