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Air Volume is Related to the Performance of Pipeline Dehumidifier

Pipe dehumidifier is one of many types of dehumidifier, which uses the evaporator inside the dehumidifier to reduce the temperature of air to remove excess moisture in the air and achieve the purpose of dehumidification. It also recovers the heat generated by condensation of the system. Air through the pipe dehumidifier will lose part of the heat and just recover the heat by making up for it.

Pipeline dehumidifier is using pipelines to transport dry air to different areas, unlike other dehumidifiers, which needs to set the air volume when dehumidifying, while other dehumidifiers are not. You just need to turn on, the automatic control system will automatically dehumidify or stop according to the air humidity value you input, and the air volume is fixed and need not to be adjusted. Because pipeline dehumidifier uses pipeline air supply to achieve the purpose of dehumidification for different rooms, the air volume has a great influence on the dehumidification effect.

In fact, the reason is very simple. In real life, we know that if a basin of water is thrown on the ground and the time of natural evaporation to the ground for drying is 10 minutes, then the time of opening the fan will become short, and the drying time is different according to the size of the fan. In the same way, the wind power of pipeline dehumidifier also affects the dehumidification effect in different areas.

Generally speaking, the nearer to the outlet of the dehumidifier, the greater the wind pressure in the pipeline and the stronger the wind force in the outlet of the pipeline. The dehumidification effect in this place is better than that at the end of the pipeline. In a very simple sense, you must blow faster against the fan than you do three meters away, because the wind force near the fan is large, and the place which is three meters away is already small.

Because of the different air pressure in the duct, the dehumidification effect is different in different places. When it is found that the dehumidification effect at the end of the duct decreases, it is necessary to adjust the air supply of the dehumidifier. If such measures are not taken, then the static pressure in the duct may rise, which will increase the power consumption of the dehumidifier fan, and may also increase the air leakage of the system. In addition, in order to make the fan of the dehumidifier work steadily, the pipeline dehumidifier can not throttle excessively when it is running, so it is necessary to set up a static pressure controller to regulate the air flow of the pipeline dehumidifier.

Of course, adjusting the size of air supply should also take the orientation of the building, the ratio of windows to walls, the number of rooms and internal use, etc into account. Generally, the maximum air volume is 70-80%, and the minimum air volume is determined by 40-50% of the maximum air volume, so as to give full play to the efficacy of the dehumidifier and determine the dehumidification effect. It can be said that the air volume has a great influence on the dehumidification effect of pipeline dehumidifier, which needs flexible adjustment.

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