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Analysis of the future development prospects of dehumidifier industry in China

Dehumidifier products can be divided into household dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier, and industrial dehumidifier is divided into civil and industrial by the intro-industry.

There are two different voices about the future prospects of China's dehumidifier industry. Optimists believe that although China's dehumidifier market is now a small base, the prospects are worth affirming with the economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life. In the next few years, the popularization of dehumidifiers in Chinese households will be the same as the popularization of household air conditioning, and commercial aspects will also make considerable progress. Conservatives, however, argue that prospects are relative. If more large brands and large enterprises participate in this market in the future, it will be difficult for miscellaneous brands to survive, and the market will be reshuffled.

The maturity of the air dehumidifier market will take a long time. Technological upgrading, product function and appearance diversification are also urgent problems to be solved in the industry. In addition, the country also needs to introduce relevant standards to guide and promote the promotion and standardization of Chinese dehumidifier manufacturers. I believe that with the efforts of many parties, the dehumidifier may usher in a different tomorrow in the near future.

When the domestic dehumidifier products are entering a mature period, the profits of its products have been very transparent. Chinese dehumidifier manufacturers can only compete to reduce prices in the face of fierce competition. In addition to reducing production and operating costs, the more important thing is to subdivide the market of dehumidifiers in order to develop in the new wave of economic inflation. Chinese dehumidifier manufacturers, represented by Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd., have divided the market of dehumidifiers into conventional standard models and non-standard products, and focused on the latter. The so-called non-standard dehumidifier is customized according to the actual working conditions of the customer site. In response to market demand, Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. has successively developed large industrial dehumidifiers (for underground projects such as metro and civil air defense), high temperature dehumidifiers, high temperature resistant dehumidifiers (for high temperature dehumidification places such as drying workshop), fresh air dehumidifiers (for places with higher purification level), water-cooled dehumidifiers and temperature-adjusted dehumidifiers (for simultaneous adjustment of wet load, cold/heat load). In terms of market segmentation of dehumidifiers, Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. aims to meet customer needs, takes professional technical solutions as communication link, wins customers, and expands the market.

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