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Anti-mold Artifact

Moldy indoor ceilings can cause permanent damage to the house and affect the health of the human body. Therefore, cleaning mold should be done as soon as possible. Of course, prevention is also very important.

We should always check the roof for leaks, and the ceiling is mostly moldy because the roof is leaking. If there are loopholes, the roof should be repaired. Second, make sure that the ventilation is good. The ceilings of bathrooms and kitchens can be mildewed, usually due to poor ventilation. Fans or exhaust fans can be added to remove moisture. Of course, natural light is the easiest way to prevent mold, because mold likes to grow in a dark environment. At the same time, improving insulation is also a simple and effective method. The house is not well insulated, the mold is nourished, and the ceiling is moldy. The cold air outside the wall will condense when it meets the warm air inside the wall. As the air inside the house gets warmer, more humid air touches the cold walls and condenses into water, causing mold to grow.

The mold on the ceiling must be carefully inspected for thorough cleaning. It is necessary to keep the room dry and tidy. Mold likes a moist, warm environment. If the indoor length does not receive the sun and the ventilation is not possible, then a ceiling mounted dehumidifier can be installed indoors to remove the moisture in the air, so that the mold cannot grow and multiply. The dehumidifier can remove moisture, minimize moisture, and reduce the environment suitable for mold growth. Moreover, the use of the ceiling mounted dehumidifier is more convenient, time-saving, and convenient.

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