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Application of Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The production and storage of drugs are very strict to the environment, especially the humidity in the air. When there is no special requirement, the relative humidity should be controlled between 45% and 65%. However, due to the influence of wet and rainy weather, a large amount of humidity will enter the environment of pharmaceutical factory workshop, warehouse and so on, which will inevitably lead to excessive humidity, which may lead to moisture absorption of raw materials or drugs in the production and storage process, seriously affecting the quality and efficacy of drugs.

Greeme's combined desiccant rotor dehumidifier group can customize the humidity solution for each customer in different areas, whether in the production workshop or warehouse, to control the humidity reasonably, so as to ensure the smooth operation of production. In the process of pharmaceutical production, there are capsules, tablets, powders, suppositories, small bottles of medicine, injection drugs and so on.

Main Humidity Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry

Excessive humidity in the drying process of soft capsules reduces production efficiency.

There are some problems in the process of pharmaceutical tablet pressing, such as loose tablets, sticky punching, etc.

The humidity level of air must be controlled in the production process of effervescent tablets.

The agglomeration problem of excessive humidity in the production of powder drugs;

High humidity during low-temperature storage of drugs affects the quality of products.

The desiccant rotor dehumidifier group for soft capsules is a professional unit developed according to the characteristics of soft capsules, which integrates purification, dehumidification, refrigeration, and sterilization. Users only need to purchase a set of desiccant rotor dehumidifier group to achieve low-temperature drying process requirements, save the trouble of purchasing separately, and effectively save procurement costs.

The special unit for soft capsule can adjust the temperature and humidity according to the user's requirement at the same time to meet the production needs of each soft capsule. The greatest highlight of the unit is the measures to prevent the unit from running too low humidity and the soft capsule from drying and hardening. After setting the parameters, the unit runs around the set parameters. When the humidity reaches the set value of the user, the dehumidification function of the unit enters the energy-saving standby state. When the humidity of the unit exceeds the set value of the user, the dehumidification function of the unit runs. It enables users to operate and monitor normally at night without anyone.

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