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Application of Fresh Air Dehumidification System in Basement

With the increase of sundries and the inadequacy of rooms, many people will use basement to store sundries or use them for other purposes. But many customers will feel dark and humid when they enter the basement. When they open the door, a musty smell will come on their faces. It's not good for items placed in the basement, because damp problems can cause damp damage. So how can we keep the basement dry and refreshing and how to achieve basement dehumidification?

We would like to recommend a product that can achieve basement dehumidification - fresh air dehumidifier. This new type of Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. fresh air dehumidifier can perfectly deal with all problems in the basement, such as humid air can not circulate, etc. If the basement should be utilized reasonably, the environmental problems must be solved first. The basement dehumidification and ventilation problems can not be solved without the help of fresh air dehumidifier. Here is a brief introduction of the advantages and functions of this product.

First of all, it is about basement dehumidification. Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. has been immersed in this industry for many years and has a very professional technology. It can be said that the dehumidification environment is not only very efficient, but also can guarantee the silent effect. Then it is about the air circulation. Greeme basement fresh air dehumidifier is responsible for controlling the indoor humidity through the pipeline in an all-round way, and the turbid exhaust introduces fresh air, which can ensure the freshness and oxygen content of the indoor air even in sealed rooms, .

Greeme fresh air dehumidifier uses multi-layer filter. Its level of high-efficiency purification  reaches h11, which can effectively filter harmful substances in the air. General dust and formaldehyde through layer-by-layer filtering will eventually be blocked in the filter.

Total heat exchange function can help you save more energy consumption. The thermal conductivity of this fittings is good, while the efficiency of heat exchange is also very high. Good gas permeability will relatively extend the service life. Touch-type intelligent control panel makes the operation more simple. One can master it without too much effort. You just need to set the temperature and humidity you want. When the indoor humidity is not up to the standard, the fresh air fan will dehumidify first, which is the most economical method. Of course, you can also let it introduce fresh air while dehumidifying.

In fact, the installation of basement dehumidifier is very simple. It uses ceiling structure and does not occupy extra space. It is especially suitable for some small basement and can avoid dangers as wires. According to your basement, you can choose a suitable fresh air dehumidifier.

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