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Application of Hoisting Central Pipeline Dehumidifier in Laboratory

Accurate and reasonable humidity control is very important for the normal operation of some precision instruments and equipment in any laboratory and for ensuring the process of various experiments. Moreover, the laboratory is equivalent to other places where environmental requirements are relatively high. There are many precise equipments in the laboratory. The operation of these precise instruments indirectly affects the effect of the experiment. Humidity control plays a decisive role in the process of experiment, the service life of instrument and equipment, and the accuracy of experimental data. When the air humidity in the laboratory is too high, it may cause damage to these precision instruments, thus affecting the experimental results.

For laboratory scientific research institutions, data archives, precision instrument workshop, testing room and metering room, it is best to control humidity at about 55%. However, in the rainy season, the humidity is relatively high, which can reach 85% RH in the wettest season. It is easy to cause the problems of substandard and unqualified experimental products. In wet and rainy weather, damp hazards will accelerate the damage of experimental instruments, and the accuracy of experimental results data is also greatly affected. Therefore, many laboratories have chosen the lifting central pipeline dehumidifier to carry out moisture-proof and dehumidification in the laboratory, so as to avoid the above problems.

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