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Application of Wall Mountable Dehumidifier in Industrial Workshops and Warehouses

It is known that most cities in the south in the wet and rainy season such as the plum rain season, is the highest humidity period of the year. At this time, excessive humid air constantly disturbs the production environment of factory workshop and product storage warehouse, seriously affecting the normal operation of workshop production and the safety of product storage. Because of the need for production technology, the ceiling dehumidifier is beautiful and can reasonably use the space area. Many industrial products need wall mountable dehumidifiers to control the air humidity in the workshop, warehouse and other environments within a certain range.

Wall mountable dehumidifier can be installed on the wall without occupying space. It is suitable for the basement, underground garage, business exhibition hall, supermarket, restaurant, entertainment hall, bank business hall, large conference room, business office building, workshop, special warehouse storage, and other places.

Humidity control is very important for every factory and enterprise which has higher requirements for humidity. In some large industrial workshops, workshops or warehouses, due to the need of production technology, the air humidity in the workshops should be controlled within a certain range, but because of the large area of the workshops, the humidity is difficult to control. If the humidity is too high, the product will easily absorb moisture in the air, resulting in damp products, which seriously affects the quality and guarantee period of the product.

Therefore, it is suggested that some major industry factories, workshops or warehouses should be equipped with wall mountable dehumidifiers  with appropriate number and power according to the actual situation for reasonable dehumidification, which can provide a suitable humidity environment for the production and storage of products, in order to ensure the normal production and safe storage of products.

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