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    Room 508,Building 12,Lefu Zhihuiyuan,No.30 ,Xiangyuan Road,Gongshu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.
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Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Dehumidifier for Aerospace industry

All the equipment in aerospace industry are expensive devices. With intricate and complex system, the smooth operation of these devices is crucial, as any failure is catastrophic both in financial and human terms. 
The climate needs to be optimal in aerospace equipment manufacturing in order to output high quality products. Also the systems and components need a reliable atmosphere to work efficiently. Unbalanced humidity will make trouble for the quality and condition of the items, maintenance, repair and replacement costs, and availability.

Benefits for dehumidification for aerospace industry

  • Halts corrosion of these multi-million-dollar equipment by maintaining Relative Humidity levels around 40-45%
  • Prevent mold and fungus growth
  • Availability and Reliability for device, system and components
  • Reduces humidity-lead failure

Greeme dehumidifier for aerospace industry

Do not let the moisture ruin your aerospace equipment, like aircraft. Our industrial grade dehumidifier can increase the readiness, ensure the quality, decrease the maintenance costs, and suspend lifespan.

Greeme is specialized in controlling humidity to enhance all kinds of humidity control products. Also, as we aim at providing products with military standard quality, we are confident in providing a suitable solution for aerospace industry.

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