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Archives, Libraries and Museums

Archives, Libraries and Museums

Dehumidifier for Archives, Libraries and Museums

Dehumidifier for archives, libraries and museum is a device eliminating the excessive moisture from these facilities in order to protect the objects stored and prevent the damage of precious works of arts. 

Why need dehumidifier in Archives, Libraries and Museums

The stability of the surrounding environment is a vital and basic factor in the preservation of archives, libraries and museums. Archives and libraries, usually house documents, films or photographs which need to be stored for a long time. Moisture air will affect the condition and damaged in some way of art collections, documents. Archives have different climate control requirements depending on the objects stored, such as photographic film must be kept under + 2 ºC, 30% RH.

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity are caused by external factors, such as the weather or the number of visitors. Compared with libraries and museum, the ventilation of archives is relatively lower due to fewer visitors will enter into archives. Museums need to control the temperature and humidity around exhibits 24/7 due to the frequent fluctuation will occur in many occasions.

Concerning humidity, temperature and filtration of the air in archive, in order to achieve a stable climate control in archives, libraries and museums, you need to equip our desiccant dehumidifier, which will simultaneously.

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