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Basement Dehumidifiers

Most buildings have basement, no matter it is your house, your villa, the residential community or a commercial building. The basements are always humid is due to the lacking of sunlight and ventilation. The heavy humid air tends to settle in the basement consequently. 

Then what will happen?

  • You will see the damp foundation, and difficultly to be dried in extremely humid weather days.
  • You will feel the damp air and smell the musty odor.
  • You will find the peeling paint or doors, warped floor boards, wood rot in the framing.
  • You will see that the structural foundations in the house are damaged.
  • You will see mold spores spreading, which leads to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. And we all know that they are extremely harmful to the family's health.

So, let the dampness negatively impacts the basements in your home? Please never allow this to happen. You need another piece of hardware to fit inside, that is, basement dehumidifier.

Let Greeme's basement dehumidifier to protect your family

Our dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture to outside, which let you keep the constant humidity in your basement. With relatively dry air, the air remains fresh, no odor, and healthy, and the walls don't get damp. Yes, you will have a comfortable basement always.

Normally, we tend to choose the economic ones to buy in our purchase behavior. However, this is not advisable for every case. Each model of our basement dehumidifier has different dehumidification capacity. By calculating the volume and considering the geographic location of your house, you can make the decision to buy the most suitable model of our dehumidifier.
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