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Dehumidifier of Bridge/Bridge dehumidification

There are different types of bridges depending on the methods of construction and design criteria, including Beam Bridge, Arch Bridge, Lifting Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Truss Bridge and Cable Stay Bridge etc. Currently, Suspension Bridge and Cable Stayed Bridge have been widely adopted all over the world. 
Bridges are constantly exposed to the moisture and salts from the water bodies and air. In order to prevent corrosion damage of ferrous parts, can lead to large costs. In order to suspend the service life, there is a large portion of investment put in inspecting and maintenance of structure.

It is been found that, with constant low atmospheric humidity, the limit lies at 45-50 % RH, iron and steel will not face the risk of corrosion. And for cable, the traditional way (paste, wrapping wire and paint) has not provided continuous and efficient protection. So, cable dehumidification has been successfully applied.

By using industrial dehumidification, the humidity is intelligently and efficiently controlled; the inspection cost and maintenance cost can be controlled and reduced; the service life of bridge can be suspended.

Greeme' dehumidifiers are your choice for Bridge dehumidification.
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