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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Dehumidifier is widely used in chemical industry, because many places in the chemical industry need dehumidifier to control humidity.

In the process of polyethylene production and manufacturing, it is necessary to detect the humidity of ethylene raw gas. Water will poison platinum catalyst. Only by controlling the appropriate humidity of gas CO₂ can the production be carried out smoothly.

The humidity value of carrier gas should be strictly controlled in the production process of chloride such as bleaching powder, otherwise it will form waste acid with water.During the production of compressed gas, pre-dehumidification should be carried out to prevent the condensation of supersaturated water vapor in the compression process.

Sufficient dehumidification should be carried out in front of the liquefied gas body to prevent the condensation of water vapor from causing the blockage of valves and components;

During the production and storage of liquid SO₂, if water is not sufficiently dehumidified, SO₂ and water can form sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid with strong corrosion.In the transportation and storage of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, when the water content in the gas is too high, it will freeze when it is lower than 0 ℃, and form solidified hydrate when it is higher than 0 ℃.
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