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Cold Storage

Cold Storage
Drug wholesale and retail chain enterprises should set up warehouses with different temperature and humidity conditions according to the storage requirements of the drugs they deal in.
The cold storage temperature is 21℃. The temperature of the cool library is not higher than 20℃; Room temperature storage temperature is 30℃;The relative humidity of each storehouse should be maintained between RH=45% to RH=75%. Because the temperature and humidity in the drug warehouse are easily affected by the temperature and humidity outside the warehouse.

The influence of temperature and humidity on drug storage can be divided into indirect effect and direct effect.The direct effects of temperature on drugs include volatilization, crystallization, precipitation, etc.

The direct effects of humidity on drugs include melting, dilution and dissolution.Indirect changes of humidity on drugs include enzyme changes, which directly lead to the reproduction of pests and enzyme bacteria.Therefore, the drug warehouse to install the appropriate temperature and humidity system for scientific and reasonable control is an important job!
cold storage
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