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    Room 508,Building 12,Lefu Zhihuiyuan,No.30 ,Xiangyuan Road,Gongshu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.
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Cultivation industry

Cultivation industry
For the farm, the most afraid of is sick, good to say, good to treat the loss can be big. Since July, many parts of China have been plagued by African swine fever, which is a disaster for pig farms. The appearance of epidemic disease has a lot of reason, for example a few years ago let the avian flu that chicken farm smells the color that change is migratory bird brought, and the environment that a lot of epidemic disease is farm is caused.
Why do many diseases appear in spring and summer? Because the air is moist at this time, the temperature is appropriate, very suitable for the reproduction and transmission of bacteria and viruses, such as diarrhea, this epidemic is sometimes caused by feeding expired feed, also because the environment of the farm is too wet.So farms need to do a good job of preventing moisture, which is very important for farms.

If you want to solve all kinds of problems brought by humidity once and for all, want to manage a bit more convenient, then the installation of Greeme dehumidifier to prevent moisture, which is now the best moisture-proof equipment, the use of refrigeration dehumidification technology, dehumidification speed is fast, easy to operate, is a good choice of breeding field moisture dehumidification. After all, what can be solved with high technology is not a big deal.

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