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Food and Beverage Production

Food and Beverage Production

Dehumidifier for Food and Beverage Production

In Food industry, the production, processing, packaging and storage facilities require good hygiene. So regulated and consistent climate control is critical.

  • Bakery

Overly moist or dry condition is not suitable for a bakery room. So let's discover some.

Benefits of dehumidifier in Bakery rooms

  • With a dehumidifying system installed, the indoor air climate will turn to be benefit for baked good.
  • Reduce flour dusting as well as cool employees.
  • Fresh air dehumidifier ensure finishes bakery products and decorative additions look pristine. Visual appeal is a driving force of customers to buy the delicious bakery products.
  • Ensure the relative humidity in baking process and exposed storage.

  • Meat

Dehumidification and Humidification for meat

Meat processing

The RH in meat processing workshop needs to be regulated to provide a suitable climate for meat process. As condensation will forms when meat are in chilled process. This condensation can result in dripping from the ceiling, with subsequent reductions in hygiene standards.

Benefits of dehumidifier in Meat industry

  • 1 Free of condensation
  • Pleasant working climate for employees
  • Premises easy to be dried, cleaned

  • Cheese curing

Cheeses need a warm, moist environment ----RH level of around 60% to 95%, and a temperature range of between 10-13° Celsius, for cold storage RH should be around 60-65%.
The ripening and aging process needs proper air circulation and a controlled climate.

To create the desired cheese, it needs to humidify to increase the RH. So you need Greeme's affordable humidifiers that consistently balanced moisture making it easier than ever to cure any variety of cheese of all sizes.

  • Crop storage humidification & humidity control

In order to keep fresh when handing to the hand of customers, the crops will be cool very rapidly under 2 and 4°C. However, if a relative high temperature when crops harvested, such as >20°C, the degree of cooling required to bring the crop to storage temperature will damage the crop.
To counter this, industrial size dehumidifiers are needed to be added during the chill down period. When this period is finished, the usual way is to give a fog, cycling by 15 minutes of cooling followed by 5 minutes. This cycle being repeated until the crop is down to temperature.

  • Mushrooms

Suitable environment for cultivating mushrooms: dark and humid, optimum air humidity of 95%RH.
So you need a humidification system to regulate the humidity in this room.

  • Confectionery

To maintain high standard of confectionery like chocolate, sugar coating and sugar, it is essential to have close control of the humidity. No matter the production or the package, the damp or moist air makes the finished products stuck, leading a low appeal or quality for customers.

  • Brewing Industry

In this industry, the process of brewing is in need of large amounts of heat, water and malted grain.  So hygiene is of priority since the condemnation of mold and fungus will be harmful and unsafe to the process and finished products. The solution is to check the humidity, making ambient in a regulated one to make sure the brewing process.

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