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Glass Production

Glass Production

Glass Production

In glass industry, the process of manufacturing and finishing techniques requires meticulous control of conditions, for example, glass lamination, tempered and float glass. Lamination of glass, e.g. wind shields for cars, low humidity is needed when gluing the glass sheets. the temperature normally controlled in 20-22% under 20℃.

Undesirable moisture causes numerous problems:

  • Bubbles of steam is frequently faced in this procedure,
  • Quality fluctuation, even unqualified end products
  • Inconsistent production or downtime

Greeme desiccant rotor dehumidifier is your cost-effective and high performance choice to remove humidity in the glass production. By controlling of moisture present in the ambient air, our device will help to make sure the consistent and safe environment, well control of numerous process,  prevent the production glitches and waste, reduces quality fluctuation and less risk of unqualified end products and down time.

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