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    Room 508,Building 12,Lefu Zhihuiyuan,No.30 ,Xiangyuan Road,Gongshu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.
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Sports Facilities/Gymnasium

Sports Facilities/Gymnasium

Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers for Sports Facilities and Gymnasium

Exercising is essential, and becomes more and more popular nowadays. To keep and gain more members, gym owners start to invest in assuring the customers' overall experience in their sports facilities. One way to improve this is to keep humidity like swimming pools, ice rinks, sports halls and sports arenas. Using dehumidifier is necessary because high humidity affects the members' ability and efficiency to cool themselves by evaporating the sweat of their body. And the gym will be stuffy if the humidity maintains a high level, which is really an uncomfortable experience for the customers and athletes. 

Problems of moist, molds, rust, high bacteria and funky smell also can be prevented and solved with a gym dehumidifier.

Greeme's Sports Facilities Dehumidifier and Gymnasium is Your Solution

We have various kinds of models designed for use of home, commercial and industrial area.

According to your room space, we have a professional dehumidifier for gym for you to choose. Our economical, efficient and durable system will actively decrease the humidity levels. The ceiling (wall mounted) type is widely adopted in swimming pools. And Shougang Gymnasium has adopted our Greeme GMCF Series.
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