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    Room 508,Building 12,Lefu Zhihuiyuan,No.30 ,Xiangyuan Road,Gongshu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.
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Hospitals and Surgery Suits

Hospitals and Surgery Suits

Dehumidifier for Hospital and Surgery Suits: Healthcare Dehumidifier

Controlling the humidity level is a major concern for the Healthcare Industry. Increasing and decreasing humidity is not ideal especially for hospital and clinics. Too dry, the dry air will suck moisture even the moisture of mucous membranes in the nose and throat to cause respiratory problems. The outside air will carry bacteria within and come to the healthcare facilities by the ventilation system. Too humid, the bacteria grow rapidly, which is particularly true in warm, humid climates. Keeping at a reasonable relative humidity levels will maintain the good condition of the indoor room, and make some bacterium and virus to die very quickly.
Some patients are also sensitive to the humidity, like the patients after surgery, the maternity and obstetric departments. In hospitals and clinics, there are also various expensive equipment and medicines that have to be preserved against the adverse effects of increased or decreased humidity on them.

In surgery units, patients in operation are sensitive to the humidity of the indoor environment. The humidity will be drawn off the body and make inconvenient or dangerous problem. So, the humidity is a necessity to prioritize the indoor environmental and keep the safety of the patients in these facilities.

Greeme's Hospital/Surgery suits Dehumidifier is your healthcare provider

By maintaining the increased humidity to the acceptable levels, we will
  • Help patients heal and keep comfort levels for all building users.
  • Keep equipment on well functioning.
  • Promote the reduction in some disease, like allergies, respiratory disease, nasal congestions, skin infections.
  • Protect building spaces from mold, mildew and moisture
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