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    Room 508,Building 12,Lefu Zhihuiyuan,No.30 ,Xiangyuan Road,Gongshu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.
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Hotel dehumidifiers

A successful hotel will definitely want to give the guests and customers a lasting impression. As a guest, we always wish that the stayed hotel is favorable, friendly, healthy and comfortable. 

Rise of humidity will lead to high condensation in the hotel room. The moisture will be formed on the surface of walls and ceilings, which is very harmful to the hotel guest rooms. As the hotel rooms are normally closed, the humidity will stay in the room. In long term, the indoor décor will be damped, the furniture turns out to be musty and unfriendly odor comes out when you open the door. So, what will your guests and customers' feel? 

Even, other residential rooms of hotel, like kitchen, dining, gym and spa, will also face the headache problems with increase in humidity level. Increase in humidity will crop in problems like musty curtain, unhygienic atmosphere, smelly rooms, damped equipment, microbial growth and health problem. Thus, dehumidifiers are of vital importance to assure pleasant guest experience in your hotel. Even for Resorts, the various segments like Gymnasiums, Spas and Restaurants also are in need of humidity control. So, stop and manage the humidity problem in your hotels.

Greeme's hotel dehumidifier provide the solution for you

Our hotel dehumidifier will keep the exact humidity level----RH (Relative Humidity) level. They will remove the excess moisture to outside, which let you keep the constant humidity in your hotels. With relatively dry air, the air remains fresh, no odor, and healthy, and the walls don't get damp. Yes, your customers will have a comfortable room and experience always. They will have a pleasant stay in your hotel and resorts.
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