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Indoor Ice Rink

Indoor Ice Rink

Ice rinks Dehumidifiers

Why ice rinks need Dehumidifiers

Ice rinks and curling make the indoor room in a relative low temperature. Humidity enters with the frequent opening and closing doors, the incoming warm air. If not control the humidity in the indoor ice rinks and curling, condensation forms, usually in the ceiling. 
With excessive moisture, many problems will occur: drops of condensation dripping down to the rink surface, puddles on the ice, vision-obscuring fog and soft ice. These problems will definitely pose a dangerous threat to skaters inside and lead to unpleasant experience to the customers. So controlling the humidity at ice rinks is necessity and highly recommended.

Greeme's Ice rinks Dehumidifiers

Greeme's indoor dehumidification systems have high performance, which remove large amounts of moisture from the air, ensuring fog-free conditions year around.
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