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Medical Storage

Medical Storage
Why the Medical storage needs the dehumidifier?

The temperature applicable range of the general conventional type of frozen dehumidifier is 18-38 degrees, in the low temperature environment dehumidification significantly decreased, even frost does not dehumidify the phenomenon, and the minimum humidity in RH 30% has been unable to drop, can not be applied to the environment with low temperature and low humidity requirements.In the case of low temperature and low dew point, the rotary dehumidifier can achieve dehumidification effect. Because the rotary dehumidifier is not affected by the indoor temperature, it has a higher dehumidification advantage in the low temperature environment.
It is well known that wet air entering a freezer room can cause the walls, floors, and pipes inside to freeze and frost.The evaporation tube deicing will cause the freezing efficiency to decrease greatly, the cold storage temperature to rise and so on makes the headache.

The Greeme dehumidifier can be operated at low temperatures to remove moisture before air enters the freezer, reducing frosting and improving evaporator efficiency, and the dry floor improves operator safety.
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