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Paper Printing

Paper Printing

Dehumidifiers for Printing Industry

In printing industry, there are multiple effects will appear if the printing process exposed to high humidity. No matter you are in lithography and flexography to screen printing, textile printing, currency or any other secure press printing, the common challenge is temperature and humidity. 

Why dehumidifiers are need in printing industry?

The Paper is the principle material used in printing. When the paper moved to the workshop, due to the high moisture within, it will be out of shape. Generally, it is hygroscopic and very sensitive to variations in the humidity of the surrounding air. The variations change of paper inner humidity is the cause of expansion and contraction.

On the other hand, the change of humidity also influences the performance of ink. If the temperature and humidity is not well regulated, viscosity and fluidity of ink will be heavily affected. High temperature will make higher viscosity, lower fluidity. In this way, the ink will not be moved to the paper in a proper and fluent way which finally leads to weak, low-quality stenciling and poor image. Also, excessive moisture will make the process of ink drying time-consuming and affect the fastness of ink holdout.

Normally, the climate of workshop and warehouse of printing industry need to be controlled at 20~22℃, 45~60%RH.

Greeme Dehumidifier

Greeme dehumidifier unit will fulfill your requirements during printing and drying process to ensure product quality and safety of the expensive printing heads. Our refrigerant dehumidifiers are your most effective and economical solutions for printing, drying and packaging and storing.

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