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Pharmaceutical Production and Package

Pharmaceutical Production and Package

Dehumidifier for Pharmaceutical Production

Dehumidifier for pharmaceutical production, is a device or unit, installed in the workshop in pharmaceutical production to make sure every procedure that humidity control required works rightly and ideal, in order to produce the qualified products.

Why you need dehumidifier for pharmaceutical production?

In pharmaceutical production, the product quality is of high priority since it is related to human health and treatment. No standards are higher to achieve than in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This is where medicines and vaccines are manufactured to the highest standard from start to finish. Wrong humidity in the production and package of pharmaceutical products can lead to degradation of active ingredients. Some temperature sensitive products, like capsules and tablets, also are supposed to be maintained by the dehumidification system. So most pharmaceutical workshops will equip dehumidification system in their primary design.

Without dehumidifier, you may face the following problems:

  • Agglomeration,
  • Uneven distribution of ingredients,
  • Raw material deterioration
  • Bacteria contamination which leads to inefficiency and downtime
  • In correct lab test results

Dehumidifier is the key to solve the above mentioned problem you may face. In some cases, dehumidification units installed in pharmaceutical are equipped with pre- and/or post modules containing heating- and/or cooling coils. This humidity and temperature treated air is then often supplied to a clean/dry room where the production is located. By regulated the humidity and temperature, every stage in the pharmaceutical industry, like production, powder room, capsule rooms, packaging area and storage rooms will reach the ideal environment to work.

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