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Plastic Production

Plastic Production

Plastic Production

Plastics, to maintain the ideal quality, usually require a relative low humidity for the plastic in the manufacture.

Most plastic is supplied as dry materials, only a small part of plastic is humid. Many kinds of plastic, i.e. PET, Nylon, ABS, Acrylic, Polyurethane, PC, PBT, are in some way hygroscopic (attracts water vapor). So before manufacturing, they need to be dried by dehumidifier to the acceptable level. 
The plastic injection and blow molding machines should be dried before using. In order to achieve high production volume, generally, the mold is chilled to a very cold temperature, and then the components quickly form as the desired shape. In the process, water vapor in the ambient air will condense on the mold surface, especially during the summer period.

What will these condensation lead to?

  • Unqualified products, due to the condensation make watermarks, cracks.
  • Corrosion in expensive molds and guide pin, high cost to repair.
If the temperature of mold surface temperature increased, the cycle time of components forming will be longer; consequently, the productivity will certainly be decreased. So we recommend incorporating a dehumidifier, mold temperature of 5°C or lower can be achieved, without the risk of sweating.

Greeme Plastic dehumidifier / dehumidifier for plastic production

Greeme Plastic dehumidifier will help you eliminate the condensation. Our desiccant dehumidifier absorbs the moisture from the air. To regulate and control the relative humidity in your production line, our dehumidification system also will promote the output. Also, the dried air that our device produced also is beneficial for your raw material storage.
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