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Shipping Industry

Shipping Industry

Dehumidifier for Shipping Industry

In shipping or marine industry, the dehumidification is needed in cargo tanks, machinery room, accommodation, midship deckhouse, pump room and steering room. Why? It is always a battle to humidity as you will crazy to find humidity leaded damage in construction, engine damages or malfunction and corrosion in interior surfaces. These will cost you millions of dollars for maintenance and repair. 
Also, it is also worth to invest a dehumidifier when shipping moisture sensitive cargo. Coffee, tea, tobacco, paper, power, furniture, fine chemicals and hygroscopic cargoes will be affected during the shipment. Another humidity concern is that the cargoes will be with condensation when the inner temperature is colder than the humid air. Without proper control of humidity, you will find rust spots, stained labels and soggy cartons.

Greeme Dehumidifier for shipping industry

Greeme large area dehumidifiers will help to prevent the damage to sensitive mechanical and electronic equipment, prevent the cargoes from the excessive humidity and eliminate the corrosion. Advise the technical data and let us provide the suitable solution for you.
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