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Spray Coating

Spray Coating
The production workshop of spraying industry needs to maintain the stable environment of the production workshop under the climate conditions of the whole year, especially the air conditioning parameters such as temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, airflow distribution and pressure balance of the production environment are put forward with strict requirements.Different from other requirements of constant temperature and humidity environment system, due to the influence of high humidity environment on its quality, the precision of humidity is strictly required.
For the general configuration of air conditioning system, the temperature and humidity conditions of spraying production industry are: T= 24±2℃, RH= 45±5%;However, for this kind of temperature and humidity requirements, usually the method of freezing dehumidification + heating (reheating) is used to deal with, and some results have been achieved.However, this method has fatal problems, such as hot and cold offset and huge waste of energy consumption, especially because of the large fresh air in the semiconductor industry, large exhaust system, large clean production environment and the special situation that many factories are mainly distributed in south and east China, which makes this problem very prominent.

Therefore, in the latest air conditioning system of many spray units, the combined treatment of humidity and temperature through the new fan (cooling dehumidification) and the runner dehumidifier, and then through the combined treatment of the rear air conditioning unit, to meet the indoor air supply temperature and humidity requirements, and has achieved significant benefits.
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