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Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool Dehumidification

Most pool facilities, indoor swimming pools or spa rooms, need heat a majority of time for both the water and the air to a comfortable temperature, which will generate much humidity in the air. Besides, the humidity in these facilities also comes from ventilation, evaporation of the pool water and the damp ground. 

The damp air contains chlorine or bromine disinfectants which are used as water treatment. If left uncontrolled, these chemicals will attack what they contact. Eventually, the mold and mildew will appear and permeate every corner in your facilities, which will be harmful to your interior structure - metal fixtures, exterior walls or glass surfaces, cause costly ongoing repairs, renovation and business interruptions, and even will lead to health issues to your guests, your family and your staff members. 
To avoid mold and interior structural problems, investing a dehumidifier for an indoor pool or spa room can stabilize a healthy and comfortable environment, protects the facility and save your money. Using a dehumidifier also decreases the use of outside air, as well as the energy used to heat or cool the air.

Let Greeme's swimming pool dehumidifier to help you

Greeme has designed the economical, efficient and durable system to actively decease the humidity levels. Our pool dehumidifiers for swimming pool and spa rooms can cope with the harsh environment in your facilities. The ceiling type also can be wall mounted or can be ducted into the ventilation systems.

Preparation to choose the right type of a dehumidifier for swimming pool or spa room

  • Requirements for the volume of outdoor air according to your facility’s size
  • Normally, when you are under the typical condition of the indoor space of 82°F water temperature, 84°F air temperature, the most comfortable humidity is 50% to 60% RH. You can choose the right one to match your humidity requirement
  • Your budget. Anyway, nowadays, user experience is highly advocated. Reasonable investment and comfortable atmosphere will attract more customers for you.
Swimming Pool Dehumidification
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