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Underground Parking

Underground Parking
It is common to hear owners complain about water problems in underground garages.When some owners turn in the underground garage, once they hit the steering wheel, the body of the car skidded out of control for four or five meters, and then turned 180 degrees.The owner said “there was water below building 5 between unit 1 and unit 3, where he had slipped and fallen twice.”
Why does it happen?

Because the reasons as following:
1. High humidity in the air and poor ventilation in the basement result in severe humidity;
2. Water leakage in the construction process, resulting in water on the ground, basically in a humid state, no dry place;
3. Underground humidity is high, evaporation to the ground, the content of water vapor in the air rises then encounter air duct.The power pipe , all kinds of metal equipment and wall will condensation;
4. Seepage occurs in pipes and walls;

When our Greeme dehumidifiers were there, the problems will be solved.
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