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    Moldy indoor ceilings can cause permanent damage to the house and affect the health of the human body. Therefore, cleaning mold should be done as soon as possible. Of course, prevention is also very i...

  • The Importance of Dehumidification in Water Treatment Plants

    The dehumidifier is developed for wet and poor ring mirrors. It not only effectively improves the wet living and production environment, but also achieves the ideal condition and removes the mold caus...

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Wind Power

Wind Power
Why the wind power industry require dehumidifiers?

Wind speed is greater than 5 meters per second, and wind power generation conditions are met. It is determined that the site selection of wind power generation is generally near the coastline, offshore artificial platform, open river bank, mountain peak, grassland, desert and other remote open areas.
The humidity sensitive components such as electronic components in the wind turbine cabin account for a large proportion, so the humidity control of important components of the wind turbine must be considered.

Erosion damage will add a lot of cost to bridge construction.When building a bridge, ensure that the relative humidity around the steel structure is kept within the maximum of 50% to prevent the bridge from being eroded.Erosion of the bridge supports can quickly soften the integrity of the steel structure, leading to safety problems and even the eventual collapse of the bridge.
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