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Wine Storage/Wine Cellar

Wine Storage/Wine Cellar

Wine Storage and Wine Cellar

The traditional way to store wine is making underground caves, in which temperature is relatively low and no much ventilation. Nowadays, residential and commercial wine cellars are common. 
Temperature and humidity are the two essential factors which govern proper wine storage at their best quality. Many people ask whether I still in need of a dehumidifier although I already have a cooling device. You cannot invest in equipment to keep your wine cellar cool without thinking about how to make sure it’s also adequately humid. 

The Ideal Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Levels

  • Temperature within the range of 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Relative humidity of 50% to 70%

Humidity too low, the bottle corks might shrink. An over-shrunk cork will allow entry of Oxygen into the bottle and deteriorate the wine.
Humidity too much, mold form on corks, labels, and everywhere else in the storage facility.

Greeme's Dehumidifier device / unit help Monitoring and Control Wine Storage and Wine Cellar

Keeping tabs on your storage space can be aided by our constant temperature and humidity dehumidifiers. If humid conditions are an issue for you, our commercial dehumidifiers of refrigerant type can be helpful; if in dry conditions, a cool-mist, ultrasonic humidifier is a great help in achieving optimum humidity levels for your wine.

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