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Applications of Industrial Dehumidification Units

Applications of industrial dehumidification units:

1. Wood is a hygroscopic material when it is dried. It expands or shrinks with the change of its moisture content. Therefore, the equilibrium point of its moisture content is not allowed to change during processing. This means that the temperature and humidity must be controlled from material storage to final processing. The water content equilibrium points of wood at different dry bulb temperatures and relative humidity have different values. It can be used as a basis for determining the environmental conditions required for wood storage and processing.
2. Tea production process dehumidification, storage, long-term preservation of tea should be controlled at 6% humidity, and higher than 8% will be prone to mildew;
3. Configuration of drying line for capsule drug production, special industrial dehumidification units for drying line or temperature-adjusting dehumidifier should be selected.
4. Printing production process should be carried out in a controllable and good air humidity environment to improve printing quality and effect.
5. Paper packaging production links can keep paper products in a certain humidity environment all the time. 6. Control humidity reasonably and effectively in all production links of electronic enterprises.
7. In food workshop production, it is suitable for industrial dehumidification units to make food not easy to deteriorate.
8. Drainage and drying in paint room - smooth surface without cracking and stable quality;
9. Dehumidification of swimming pool to reduce the generation of fog and maintain swimming pool facilities;
10. Industrial dehumidification units for storing electronic devices, instruments, semiconductors, optical instruments, precision machinery, scientific articles, Department stores, traditional Chinese medicines and bank ticket stores or other spaces requiring dehumidification;
11. Drying dehumidification units or storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in food, chemical, aquatic products, agricultural and sideline products, printing, medicinal materials, wood, furniture, paper-making, polyester fibers and other industries;
12. Moisture in factory warehouses can easily cause mildew in industrial products, such as raw spotted ramie-cotton silk products, semi-finished products and paper.

With the further development of reform and opening up, modern industrial production is also growing. Therefore, the requirement for the quality of the bad environment is higher and higher. Industrial dehumidification units have its place, making industrial dehumidification units a big market in the field of dehumidifier subdivision. More and more attention has been paid to air humidity in modern industrial production and scientific experiments. If the humidity can not meet the requirements, it will cause different degrees of adverse consequences.

In the field of industrial dehumidifiers, Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd., adhering to the spirit of "close to the market, innovation and dedication", has been focusing on the development of the industry, providing excellent air dehumidification and humidification solutions for the industry, providing people with more comfortable, healthier and more valuable life.

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