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Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier to Improve Humid Environment

Harm of excessive humidity

When the air humidity is too high, the walls will "sweat", if the time goes on, there will be dots of black spots, which is very unsightly, so that our valuable furniture and articles are easy to mold, clothes and shoes in the wardrobe mildew spots. Because most of the decorative floors of villas are mainly wood floors and carpets, the commonly used interior wall materials are wallpaper, wall tiles, paint, decorative panels, wall cloth, wall felt and so on. The characteristics of wallpaper, wall cloth and wall felt are strong hygroscopicity, so they are more likely to mildew.

When the air humidity is too high, the indoor products will be damaged, the products will not work properly due to dampness, and the service life of high-grade household appliances will be shortened. Electrical appliances are lightly cut off, and seriously short circuit causes fire and electric shock accidents, which causes considerable potential safety hazards to the owners' living environment.

Residential environment with too much humidity can endanger health and easily cause rheumatism and bronchitis, both of which are relatively difficult to treat. If the body has some inflammation diseases such as asthma, arthritis, it will aggravate the condition.

Composition of dehumidifier

It is composed of compressor, two devices (evaporator, condenser), fan, water tank (direct drainage pipe), chassis and controller.

Working principle of dehumidifier

The damp air is sucked into the machine by a fan in a negative pressure manner, and the evaporator surface is lowered below the dew point temperature of the air by a compressor refrigeration system. When wet air passes through the evaporator, the moisture in the air will decompose and attach to the surface of the evaporator. Water will flow along the hydrophilic platinum on the evaporator to the catchment and then to the water tank or drain pipe for discharge. Except that the wet dry cold air is heated by the heat recovered from the condenser and the dry air is discharged in a positive pressure way, so the circulation can make the wet room dry.

Greeme ceiling mounted dehumidifier can not only achieve strong dehumidification, but also 24-hour pollution real-time monitoring and intelligent operation. Nowadays, Fener hoisting central dehumidifier has been widely used in villas, basements, resorts and other fields, which not only helps us to ensure the appropriate humidity of indoor air, but also makes our life more comfortable.

We provide high quality ceiling mounted dehumidifier, welcome to buy our products.

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