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China dehumidifier suppliers need to step out of malicious competition in the market

In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic dehumidifier enterprises, dozens of brands of dehumidifiers have been produced in just a few years. Then the drawbacks are becoming more and more obvious. The most obvious is that the dehumidifier is in a more vicious competitive state, one of which is the price war. Many China dehumidifier suppliers only focus on price war. The quality of dehumidifier is in the second place and the price is in the first place, which has aroused the concern of experts and people in the industry. In foreign markets, the price of foreign commodities is several times or even higher than that of domestic ones, and the quality of commodities has a competitive advantage in the domestic market. The reason lies in winning the trust of consumers in terms of quality, strictly controlling the production cycle, processing technology and quality of commodities. Foreign enterprises put the quality of commodities in the first place and regard the quality of commodities as the soul of enterprises. Overseas dehumidifier production has a history of decades or even hundreds of years, with mature commodity research and development technology. At present, China's dehumidifier development is also very rapid. Domestic dehumidifier industry is not mature enough. Experience and technology still remain mainly in the imitation state, technology level is difficult to improve, and commodity quality can not keep up with, resulting in low prices, thus forming a vicious circle. There are two main points in the vicious competition of domestic dehumidifier enterprises: First, it has the vicious competition at low prices. Most of the dehumidifier brands adopt the profit model of low price and high quantity, reducing the research and development costs by copying and imitating, and frequently competing viciously with other brands. It ultimately leads to brand devaluation. Second, it causes vicious attack competition. "Mouth warfare" is also one of the commonly used means of brand competition and hype of household dehumidifiers. Some vulgar media are also involved because of stakes. This "mouth warfare" consumes too much resources and energy of the dehumidifier industry to return to the real track of commercial competition. In this vicious competitive industry background, only a few China dehumidifier suppliers resisted the temptation of short-term interests and did not follow blindly. But the dehumidifier industry is still suffering from long-term internal friction and pain. Ultimately, the dehumidifier brand lacking core technology and high brand value-added cannot compete with other brands at all, and can only be further and further dumped. Nowadays, the household dehumidifier industry has been overwhelmed by the "cost hand". Among them, the external factors are more uncontrollable, while the relatively controllable internal enterprises can change the operating soft cost by "practicing internal skills". Therefore, in order to integrate the internal resources of enterprises and optimize management, it is the key to break through for today's household dehumidifier enterprises. Faced with the nearly collapsed dehumidifier industry, a very small number of enterprises undertaking the major task of revitalization are still moving ahead. Just as Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd., the leader of China dehumidifier suppliers, has strong independent core technology research and development capabilities, extremely strict commodity quality control awareness and system, strong brand strength and industrial status. Facing all kinds of difficulties, dehumidifier enterprises have to persevere in independent core technology development and quality control. Because if the dehumidifier industry wants to develop, it must get rid of the original vicious internal friction war, make up for the lack of core technology and backward quality control system. Only by putting quality first can we promote the virtuous circle of dehumidification equipment and improve the brand effect of enterprises. Welcome to visit and consult Greeme Environment in Hangzhou.  

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