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Clean Technology of the Laboratory Clean Air Conditioning Technology

In the process of air heat and humidity treatment, outdoor fresh air is treated by clean room dehumidifier, mixed with primary return air, then mixed with secondary return air through surface cooler and hot coil, and sent to controlled room through electric reheater and humidifier. Because the humidity requirement of the laboratory process equipment is high, and there is only one Chiller with limited cooling capacity in the whole building, it can not meet the cooling load of many air conditioners. Therefore, the system uses a runner dehumidifier to dehumidify fresh air, which can basically solve this problem.

The basic principle of the clean room dehumidifier is to regenerate and dehydrate the adsorbent after hygroscopicity synchronously in the process of applying solid adsorbent for hygroscopicity, so that the solid adsorbent can be recycled. The whole hygroscopicity work can be carried out continuously, which overcomes the disadvantage that static solid adsorption can't dehumidify continuously and refrigeration condensation dehumidification can't do anything under the condition of low temperature and humidity. It can give play to its characteristics of continuous stability and large dehumidification capacity under low temperature and humidity conditions.

When the clean room dehumidifier works, the runner rotates at a slow speed (about 30 revolutions per hour). When the absorbent after moisture absorption is transferred to another sector area, the absorbent is taken away by another hot air flow, and the silica gel is regenerated outside the exhaust machine, so that the regenerated absorbent can work again to absorb water, thus continuously circulating and dehumidifying. It is precisely because of the special performance of the runner dehumidifier that it can continuously dehumidify under large air volume, and can meet the requirements of very low moisture content, especially in low temperature and humidity environment.

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