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Comparisons of Working Principles Between Dehumidifier and Dehumidifier in Hospital Air Conditioning

As we all know, if the humidity is too heavy indoors, it will affect people's health or the storage of articles more or less, and this effect is particularly obvious in hospitals. Therefore, the hospital dehumidification for the hospital environment and drug storage is particularly important. So, what is the difference between the dehumidification principle of the hospital dehumidification and that of the ordinary air conditioner? How should we compare them when choosing them? Let's look at them together.

There are two common dehumidification methods in air conditioning. The first is the refrigeration dehumidification; the other is the independent dehumidification function. In the process of refrigeration, the temperature of humid air will drop dramatically after passing through the evaporator of air conditioner. The humidity of air is in a supersaturated state. The excess water vapor will precipitate in the form of condensate water and condense on the fins of the evaporator, i.e. "condensation". When the refrigeration mode reaches a certain equilibrium state, the humidity of air will drop to a certain level.

What is the working principle of the independent dehumidification function of air conditioning under the uncooled mode? That is to say, the indoor fan has been running at low speed, the compressor starts and stops, and the refrigeration system has intermittent refrigeration cycle. Most of the refrigeration generated is used to balance the latent heat of indoor air, that is, water vapor becomes condensate. A small part is used to balance sensible heat, i.e. to lower some indoor temperature. This continuous cycle keeps the room temperature near the set value while removing a large amount of moisture from the air. In this way, the indoor environment keeps relatively constant when the humidity decreases. The refrigeration of air conditioning is only used for condensation, and the control of temperature is not great. Therefore, this kind of dehumidification is called constant temperature dehumidification.

The general working principle of the dehumidifier is simply to use the moisture in the air to condense frost when entering the evaporator of the dehumidifier, and then accumulate and drip out, discharging into the sewer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing space humidity. Its principle is similar to that of dehumidification in air conditioner refrigeration mode. The air is condensed into water and discharged to balance the air temperature in the room.

From the above, it can be seen that the dehumidification principle of air conditioning is similar to that of general dehumidifiers. But why do we need to choose dehumidifier? Because the dehumidifier's convenient movement, professional dehumidification, high-quality dehumidification effect is incomparable with the "side effect" dehumidification function of air conditioning. The fixed position of air conditioning and the dehumidification function accompanied by refrigeration can't actually play an obvious dehumidification function for indoor humidity in a short time, so the dehumidification function of air conditioning is real. In fact, there is limited dehumidification. The best way is to choose dehumidifier or damp-proof dehumidifier.

Moreover, the working mode of the dehumidifier is to cool the inside of the machine and separate the water from the air. The temperature of the space will rise slightly, but the temperature difference is not obvious. It is more suitable for the wet season other than midsummer, and the electricity consumption is relatively saved.

To sum up, dehumidification of air conditioning is always accompanied by refrigeration, which has a negative impact on the health of patients. In addition, the hospital usually uses large area dehumidification. If air conditioning dehumidification is used, the cost will be too high. Therefore, when choosing a hospital dehumidification, whether in terms of dehumidification effect or electricity cost, the choice of professional dehumidifier is still the best choice.

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