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Comprehensive Control of Purification Level Parameters

In order to keep the required temperature, humidity, wind speed, pressure and cleanliness in the clean laboratory, the most commonly used method is to continuously inject a certain amount of treated air into the room to eliminate all kinds of hot and humid interference and dust pollution inside and outside the clean room. In order to obtain the air which is sent into the clean room in a certain state, a set of equipment is needed to deal with the air, and continuously send it into the room, and continuously discharge part of it from the room. This set of equipment constitutes a clean air-conditioning system.

Clean air conditioning system is divided into centralized and decentralized, centralized clean air conditioning system is also known as central air conditioning. All air treatment equipment (fan, coarse, medium and high efficiency filter, heater, cooler, humidifier, refrigeration dehumidifier unit, etc.) are concentrated in the air conditioning room. The air after precise control is distributed to the air terminal device through the conveying pipeline and sent to the purification laboratory to achieve different cleanliness levels in the clean laboratory with different air exchange times and air flow forms.

This kind of air conditioning system has centralized heat and cold sources, easy to adjust the basic parameters of air, large air handling capacity, easy to control the purification parameters, reliable operation, and is the preferred mode of large cluster purification laboratories at present.

Distributed clean room air conditioning systems are mostly confined to local laboratories that need to be cleaned up. Place separate air conditioning systems in different areas of the purification laboratory or the purification laboratory. Air is purified through various filters and purification devices such as fan filter unit (FFU) at the outlet. Each terminal treatment system can adjust the air parameters individually, and also can control the purification levels of different purification laboratories.

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