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Control of Relative Humidity in Small Cold Storage Installation

In the humidity control of the small cold storage, a humidifier for cold storage and corresponding temperature and humidity measuring transmitter can be arranged in the constant temperature room. Through such a design, the relative humidity in the small refrigerator can be better ensured. During the operation, the humidity in the small cold storage can be increased, and the relative humidity can be maintained, thereby ensuring the environment inside the small cold storage. Under normal circumstances, the humidifier for cold storage uses an atomizing movement, which can reduce noise and improve the atomization effect of the humidifier.

In the process of atomization, the self-contained humidity probe can be used for automatic detection of humidity. The transmitter is tested and controlled by an on-site electrical signal output instrument.

In addition to this, the technical issues of its choice in the selection of these devices. Try to use instruments with better equipment quality. This can improve the accuracy of the test data, so that the monitor can better grasp the temperature of the small cold storage. If it is in a large cold storage, professional equipment is required in the control of relative humidity. Similarly, the designer should also monitor the humidity in the large cold storage. When the problem is found, the corresponding instrument should be used to adjust to ensure that the environment in the large cold storage reaches the requirements of use and improve the refrigeration quality of the large cold storage.

The design of the low temperature small cold storage constant temperature chamber is more complicated. At the time of design, the designer must closely analyze the condition of the small cold storage to ensure the design quality. Designers should control the design of small cold storage, ensure the quality of materials, increase the monitoring of temperature and humidity in the constant temperature room, and find a more scientific small cold storage design to meet the design requirements.

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