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Safe Production: Dehumidification in the Meat Industry

The meat dehumidifier provided by Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Technology Ltd. runs reliably. It effectively prevents meat condensation, meat odor and bacterial growth. It is a perfect humidity control expert!

In meat processing and sausage production, hygiene standards are the most important, which is the only way to ensure product quality. Therefore, strict hygiene requirements must be met when handling meat, especially in the cooling zone where the raw materials are processed. There are low temperatures and high humidity in the cooling zone, and there is also the greatest danger: condensation, corrosion and the resulting hygiene problems. The odor problem naturally generated by meat processing plants at high humidity levels is not to be underestimated. The company's dehumidifiers quickly mastered this situation and provided reliable humidity regulation in this sensitive production area.

Protective clothing, disinfection, compliance with cold chains and other stringent hygiene requirements are gaining more and more attention in the processing of fresh produce. The work area should be cleaned regularly and the products should be handled with care during the production process. However, if the climatic conditions are not very good, the best work of these jobs will not help. Because air humidity is one of the biggest risk points, if the humidity is not well regulated, the efforts of production workers may be in vain.

1. Condensation - a serious problem

Especially in cool areas, the negative effects of excessive humidity cannot be underestimated. Because in the cold storage and meat industries, the cold chain must be maintained, there is a risk of condensation. If the dew point in the air is higher than the surface of the work area, wall or ceiling, condensation will form quickly. This is because the air is cooled by the cold surface and the water vapor condenses into water. If it falls on unpackaged meat products, bacteria are formed and the carton absorbs moisture, which destroys the entire inventory. Excessive humidity, odor and rapid condensation of the meat will lead to a decrease in productivity, which will cause a lot of loss to the production.

2. Humidity adjustment is the most important

In meat production, the center of creating a harmonious and valuable work environment is to have a cool air atmosphere. Even if the temperature in the freezer and work area is kept extremely low, there is no significant benefit to humidity regulation. Especially in refrigerators, the relative humidity cannot simply be reduced to below 70% to 95% by temperature. The use of a high performance dehumidifier is the only solution.

3. Benefits of using a dehumidifier in the meat processing industry:

The benefits are non-condensation, less hygiene problems, prevention of bacterial formation, rapid drying of the surface after meat cutting, production of a comfortable working environment for employees, reduction of meat odor, and difficulty in moisture in the production area.Therefore, in order to ensure food safety and ensure meat hygiene, the company's meat dehumidifier is worth having!

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