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Dehumidifier for Humidity Control in Laboratory, Instrument Room and Metering Room

As we all know, the general laboratory environment temperature and humidity requirements are more stringent; In the unsuitable environment of temperature and humidity, it is not only disadvantageous to the smooth operation and accuracy of various experiments, but also to the normal operation and service life of instruments and equipment. In high temperature and humid climatic environment, it is quite unsuitable for the preservation of instruments. Damage caused by dampness, mould and metal oxidation occurs at any time. Often, when people find out, the machine is out of service. Follow-up maintenance, not only time-consuming, laborious and costly, but also seriously affects the efficiency of work.

Moisture will reduce the insulation strength of instrument and equipment insulators, resulting in metal corrosion and so on. The service life of instruments and equipment in humid environment for a long time will be greatly reduced if no moisture-proof measures are adopted, resulting in leakage and short circuit, which will lead to serious faults and accidents. For this reason, instruments and equipment stored for a long time are sometimes damaged as soon as they are energized, which is often caused by dampness.

Therefore, the corresponding moisture-proof and dehumidification measures should be adopted to keep the instrument dry in the storage environment. Regular power-on should also be carried out to eliminate the moisture in the instrument and equipment.

Moist air can easily damage the internal parts of the instrument and equipment, so the moisture-proof work is not in place, which may lead to mildew, oxidation and corrosion of the instrument and equipment. Therefore, moisture-proof and mildew-proof is the most important maintenance content of the instrument and equipment. Laboratory dehumidifier and moisture-proof box are very good choices. Instrument room has different temperature and humidity control standards. While recording indoor temperature and humidity every day, confirm that the temperature and humidity requirements meet the standards.

The key factor in the control of temperature and humidity in laboratory environment is to ensure that the environmental temperature and humidity in laboratory operation can meet the needs of each process of the experimental procedure. The standard temperature of the laboratory is 20. The temperature of the general test room and the test room should be 20±5, and that of the line value measurement standard should be 20±2. The relative humidity in the laboratory should be kept between 50% and 70% RH.

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