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Dehumidifier Makes Supermarkets No Longer

The supermarket is a complex environment, which is a large market based on self-service to sell all kinds of goods. But when the supermarket becomes "wet", what should we do?

Supermarkets often have many zones and central air conditioning. But standard air conditioning systems are often ineffective in improving supermarket air quality. Humidity management is very important for large supermarkets, especially the fresh area of supermarkets. Humidity often affects the purchase intention of customers in supermarket refrigeration operation.

Supermarkets meet the different needs of different departments, but also face the problem of air circulation under high humidity, high temperature, and adult flow. If the humidity of the supermarket is too high, there will be refrigeration and refrigeration system failure, freezing and frosting in the refrigerator door and display freezer. Customers can't see products through frozen display cabinets and glass doors, which will greatly reduce their desire to buy. This will cause a lot of sales losses and product waste. Moreover, if the humidity is too high, customers will feel uncomfortable, which is also a factor that supermarkets need to consider.

As long as the supermarket is in business, it is very important to control indoor humidity. High humidity can also lead to the spread of mildew and pathogens, which is harmful to supermarket employees and customers. In the control room of a supermarket, the air is very important, and it runs at all times.

Humid people flow especially large, will produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which will produce a lot of water vapor. There are also products from supermarkets, such as fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, which release moisture in the air. So supermarket dehumidification is needed.

For supermarkets, the ideal storage should be kept at 12 degrees and the relative humidity is 45-50%. Storage temperature can be adjusted by the air conditioning system, while relative humidity can only be achieved by an industrial dehumidifier. It also helps supermarkets eliminate frost on the doors of refrigerators and display cabinets. Through supermarket dehumidification, the power consumption of traditional refrigeration can be greatly reduced, while providing a more comfortable shopping environment.

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