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Dehumidifier Solves Humidity and Mould Problems in Hotel Rooms

In the hot and humid climate, one of the most important reasons for water accumulation in hotel rooms is the excessive emphasis on reasonable cooling, while the potential cooling is the cost of choosing room HVAC system. Customer satisfaction has always been affected by temperature, but less by humidity. HVAC equipment is usually more efficient in cooling air than in dehumidifying it. Therefore, the outside air entering the room can be cooled to the required temperature before proper dehumidification, thus producing higher relative humidity and internal mold growth. In addition, since HVAC equipment is usually controlled by temperature rather than humidity, dehumidifiers are needed here.

Since most hotel rooms are cooled by a single device or terminal rather than centralized air handling equipment, humidity control can be challenging if the equipment size and selection are inappropriate. In many cases, the contractor only needs the total refrigeration load, and there is no information about the potential or sensible heat demand of the room. In this case, the latter may incorrectly order the required cooling coils. This is because standard off-the-shelf cooling coils or standard catalogue products usually have sensible heat ratios between 70% and 80%, and in most cases in the south, they are much higher than the actual indoor sensible heat ratios.

External fresh air supply can also cause humidity. Fresh air supply in hotel rooms is a statutory requirement, requiring the removal of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. However, the flow of hotel operators is different. Fresh external air is usually blown directly into the room or through the room cooling coil. When supplied through the cooling coil, it is important to ensure that potential and perceptible heat loads from the air flow are also considered in the selection of the cooling coil.

The best way to control the humidity of the fresh air supply is to pre-cool it below the wet bulb temperature to remove the humidity. It can also be dehumidified by dehumidifier for hotel rooms. Many hotels now have a dehumidifier under their desks.

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