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Development of Industrial Size Humidifier

Humidity, as one of the main parameters of air, is closely related to people's life and production. People living in a humid environment of 50-60% will feel comfortable, otherwise, they will feel dry or wet. In the textile industry, yarns break easily when the humidity is less than 40%. The tobacco industry is prone to mildew when the humidity is higher than 70%, and when the humidity is lower than 30%, it is easy to generate static electricity, which is very harmful to the electronics industry. With the development of modern air conditioning technology, air humidity control technology and various humidification and dehumidification equipment have also been developed. In the 1960s, China began to attach importance to the research and development of humidity-reducing equipment, and successively developed temperature-raising and humidity-reducing, runner humidity-reducing and low-temperature condensation and humidity-reducing. And its products have been widely used in China.

However, until the early 1970s, humidification technology still remained in the wetting of water and electrodes. With the development of textile, electronics, printing, tobacco, special reserve technology and the continuous improvement of people's comfort requirements for living environment, humidification technology has put forward a new subject. In the late 1970s, steam humidification technology was widely used and dry steam industrial size humidifier was successfully tested. By the 1980s, with the further exchange of technology between China and foreign countries, advanced technologies such as centrifugal humidification, ultrasonic humidification, and far-infrared humidification had been greatly developed and commercialized. In the late 80s, new products such as high-pressure spray industrial size humidifier, new electrode type industrial size humidifier, wet film industrial size humidifier appeared. At present, there are many kinds of industrial size humidifier with different performances. Users should choose industrial size humidifier according to product performance characteristics, humidity requirements, use occasions, and other factors.

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