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Five General Purchases Notices for Home Air Dehumidifier

In recent years, due to the serious destruction of the natural environment, great changes have taken place in the climate and weather. The precipitation in the south is much more than before, resulting in a lot of increase in indoor air humidity in southern families. Indoor humidity not only makes wooden furniture moist and deformed, but also makes people suffer from rheumatism. Now with dehumidifier, these problems can be solved. Many people do not know about dehumidifier, so how to buy it?

Purchases Notices for Home Air Dehumidifier

1 - Choose according to the use environment
Dehumidification is not the better. If the air in the residential area is not wet enough, the dehumidifier can not achieve the declared effect, in vain electricity consumption. It is suggested that the choice should be made according to the humidity and space size of the residential area. The wetter the residential area is, the greater the dehumidification capacity is required.

2 - Watch out for power consumption
Usually, the stronger the dehumidification force, the greater the power consumption of the dehumidifier. Traditional compressor type B dehumidifier can dehumidify 12L daily (L/DAY, RH80%) and consume about 100W-150W per hour, while dehumidifier wheel type dehumidifier consumes more than twice as much power as traditional dehumidifier because it needs heating.

3 - Choosing Brands and Prices
Brand is an important factor in choosing home air dehumidifier. Good brand dehumidifier performance and quality are guaranteed, and after-sales service is also guaranteed. Price determines the quality of products to a certain extent, and the quality of products with high prices is also higher. As the saying goes, every penny is a penny. The service life of high price is relatively long, and the later maintenance cost will be reduced a lot.

4 - Pay attention to the sound of dehumidifier operation
Generally speaking, compressor-type home air dehumidifier has the sound of compressor operation. Everyone knows that kind of sound when blowing through the air cooler. Early compressor-type dehumidifier has a louder sound. Now the dehumidifier has been improved, but it should also be used as the selection standard.

5 - Buy dehumidifier with simple function as far as possible
Nowadays, many dehumidifiers with Air-static function are popular, but in fact, home air dehumidifiers still take dehumidification as their main function, so most of the dehumidifiers under 10,000 yuan have additional Air-static function, which is not comparable to pure Air-static machine, and dehumidifiers with Air-static function also have additional filters, which are consumable materials and need to be replaced regularly. Because of the above considerations, it would be better to buy only dehumidifiers with simple functions.

In summary, we summarized the methods of choosing and purchasing home air dehumidifiers, hoping to be helpful to you in choosing and purchasing dehumidifiers. Dehumidifier can not only reduce indoor air humidity, but also achieve automatic temperature control. These excellent functions are the main reason for users to accept them. The humidity of indoor air in South China has exceeded the monitoring standard value, so it is very necessary to choose a dehumidifier.

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