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Heat Pump Dehumidifier - 100 Billion Dry Market Waiting for You

Since agricultural products have very obvious seasonality, the general price fluctuations of agricultural products are very large. The best way to balance the supply and demand of agricultural products and to price is to dry the surplus agricultural products during the peak period of production and supply them to the market during the off-season. Moreover, after the agricultural products are dried, the shelf life and storage and transportation costs can be greatly extended.  Especially in the era of e-commerce, some agricultural products have to be dry, such as tobacco, tea, Chinese herbal medicine, rice, wheat, seaweed kelp, oil crops, etc. Therefore, drying is a very large market and wealth blue ocean.

However, traditional drying is very energy intensive, and the quality is difficult to guarantee, and the pollution and labor intensity are also large.  The company introduced a new generation of heat pump dehumidifiers.  It achieves 100% energy recovery.  At one time, it can dry ten times more electric dry agricultural products.  The drying time is greatly shortened, the drying quality is greatly improved, and a lot of manpower and material resources are saved.  Due to the low-temperature dehumidification and closed-loop drying, the nutrients of the food are fully preserved, and the phase and quality of the food are ensured.

In the process of drying food by heat pump dehumidifier, only water is discharged, no energy is lost, and 100% energy is recovered, so the efficiency is very high.  The efficiency is completely independent of the outside temperature and humidity. The quality of the articles produced in all weather conditions in all seasons is the same, and there is no restriction on the application of the region. At the same time, external dust and mosquitoes cannot enter, it is absolutely hygienic and fully meets the hygiene requirements of any item. The biggest advantage is that when the heat pump dehumidifier drying of food, the various items are mixed and dried without odor, and heat pump dehumidifier drying of food is flexible and convenient.b

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