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Hotel Dehumidifier: Make Every Guest a Worthwhile Trip!

The service quality of the hotel determines whether the guests will reserve and stay again, if the humidity and temperature in the hotel room are high enough to scare off many guests. Even if hotel operators try to get the highest rating, they still need to pay attention to the details, so it is necessary to feel good climate in every single room. With hotel dehumidifiers, each room can be installed separately to prevent unpleasant high humidity levels and the resulting mildew climate. Protect the hotel's infrastructure and satisfy the guests!

Proper room climate is a prerequisite for the hotel to decide the guest's happiness. If the air in the room is too warm or humid, it looks dirty and stuffy. In a short time, the structure and interior of the building will also be damaged. There will be mould stains on wallpaper, and curtains, clothes, linen will become damp and moldy, mold and even lesions in corners. In addition to the basics, it's worth investing in the air-conditioning system of hotel rooms. All guests want to be at home and make their short stay as comfortable as possible. Only when they are 100% satisfied will they check in again and recommend it to others.

Guarantee of primitive climate is the key.

Hotel rooms should be heated to at least 20 degrees Celsius when guests check in. When unattended, the temperature can be reduced to 15 degrees Celsius, on the one hand, to save energy. But how much is the humidity? Excessive humidity is often the result of incorrect ventilation, shower or bathing. When humidity is distributed from bathroom to other rooms, the more time the hotel room occupies, the longer the guest stays in the room. More importantly, high-quality dehumidification technology. Humidity should not exceed 60% because the common breakdown of the humidity balance begins at this level. Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. Hotel Dehumidifier provides an ideal solution to create the best feeling of good climate in Hotel rooms.

Every room has its own comfortable climate.

Being ultifunctional, silent, portable and elegant are the characteristics of hotel dehumidifiers. According to the size and furnishings of hotel rooms, different high-performance dehumidifiers can be selected to adapt to accommodation and create an extreme climate for guests. The Greeme Hotel dehumidifier can meet their needs and reliably produce dry air. In addition, these devices are impressed by their excellent cost performance. Another advantage: The Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. Hotel dehumidifier is equipped with an integrated air filter to remove dust, fluff, bacteria and animal hair.

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