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Hotel Dehumidifier

It is understood that the various methods used by various industries do not achieve the best results for moisture protection. In view of the humidity standards in the hotel warehouse exceeding the humidity standards required for the products, the storage collection will face various serious consequences such as dampness. In the face of hotel moisture and dehumidification, the high-power dehumidifier is the first choice for moisture-proof tools. After being introduced, the effect is also very significant.

The dehumidifier in the warehouse uses a fan to draw humid air into the machine, and it is suspected of frosting through the interaction of the refrigeration system. The system automatically heats the defrosting water into the water tank to generate dry air. This cycle reduces the humidity in the room, and the wet space gradually reaches the dry effect. Basement dehumidifiers have been widely used in real estate model houses, real estate showrooms, villa basements, and underground storage rooms.

The hotel's moisture resistance is also extremely important. The hotel dehumidifier uses intelligent temperature and humidity control sensing device to automatically detect the ambient humidity and display the relative humidity of the air in real time. The dehumidifier determines whether the set humidity requirement has been reached, thereby controlling the operation of the machine. When the ambient humidity is lower than the set humidity, the machine stops automatically. When the ambient humidity is higher than the set humidity, the machine automatically restarts. The indoor humidity is always maintained at the optimal state set by the user, giving the consumer a convenient use experience. In addition to efficient and intelligent dehumidification technology, when frosting occurs in the machine, the defrosting function is automatically turned on. After frosting, the dehumidification state is automatically cut back, so that the dehumidifier is always in the best working state, and the dehumidification process is fast and efficient.

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