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How does the Restaurant Prevent Mildew and Moisture During the Rainy Season?

During the rainy season, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will be caught in a period of rain-stricken weather, and the moisture in the air will not condense, resulting in a particularly high air humidity. This will not only cause physical and mental irritability, but also is not conducive to people's daily life. The same is true for restaurants. Walls, cabinets, appliances, food, etc. all show signs of damp and mildew.

In the rainy season, when the rain is heavy, pay attention to closing the doors and windows to avoid more moisture entering the room. The morning and evening of the day are periods of relatively high air humidity.

The other is to use air conditioning to dehumidify. Most air conditioners have a dehumidification function. Select the "Dehumidification" button - it only dehumidifies and does not cool, and the humidity and temperature in the room will drop a lot, and the temperature in the "Dehumidification" mode should not be too low (too low power consumption is too energy-saving, and the human body will be cold and discomfort. ). However, the dehumidification effect of air conditioners will be slower, and it usually takes 2-3 hours.

If you want to dehumidify quickly and efficiently, you can equip with a professional dehumidifier for restaurant. The principle is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, which is very convenient to use and can concentrate the moisture in the room together. It is highly effective against mildew and gives the diners a pleasant dining environment.

Of course, various types of desiccant and activated carbon on the market can be used to prevent moisture and dehumidification, such as moisture absorption boxes and dehumidification bags. If the restaurant uses a desiccant, you can buy it in bulk and save costs.

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